Instructions for maintaining air conditioners according to technical standards to save money

Want for the system to operate efficiently and save power after a long time of use. Then you need to maintain the air conditioning system. So what is the maintain the air conditioning system. So what is the maintenance process for the air conditioning system? In the article below, P69 will guide the most details technical maintenance of air conditioners.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems in buildings, companies, hospitals or factories is very necessary. This has the effect of helping the air conditioning system operate most efficiently and prolonging the life of the system.

Why do regular air conditioner maintenance?

Air conditioner maintenance air conditioner maintenance is very important. So how important is it? Find out the following information

1. Air conditioner maintenance helps keep the air fresh 

After a long period of continuous operation. The dirt will over accumulate to create a thick layer inside the air conditioner. This will reduce the performance of the air conditioner, or waste electricity,…

The dirt, mold on the air conditioner will make the air polluted. Affecting health and cleaning of the air conditioner will help keep the air fresher.

Bảo dưỡng điều hòa giúp không khí trong lành
Air conditioner maintenance helps keep the air fresh

2. Air conditioner maintenance helps to increase the life of the air conditioner

Regular maintenance and cleaning is like recharging energy for an air conditioner. The air conditioner will always be in the best state of use, operating efficiently and for a long time.

3. Air conditioner maintenance helps save energy 

Dirt that sticks to the air conditioner for long time will cause the air conditioner to clog the filters, making it difficult to operate. Regular maintenance will help air conditioner components operate at maximum efficiency and save energy.

4. Air conditioner maintenance helps save air conditioner maintenance costs

When maintaining the air conditioner regularly, users also easily detect the components that are at risk of failure to replace the old components with the best operating condition. This helps to reduce maintenance costs somewhat.

When to service the air conditioner ?

During the use and operation of the air conditioner. You need to pay attention to the small problems to know when to service the air conditioning system.

– The case is 1-way air conditioner. Goes through a winter of no use. Before using again, it is necessary to maintain the air conditioner to be able to use the air conditioner in the best way.

– In the case of a 2-way air conditioner, of ten used: It is necessary to check the air conditioner periodically.

Các dấu hiệu nhận biết cần bảo dưỡng điều hòa
Signs of need for air conditioner maintenance

– Other cases: It is  necessary to maintain the air conditioner when there are the following signs:

– There is noise in the indoor unit and outside the outdoor unit. Especially at night, it will be more noticeable.

– The wind blowing out at the indoor units is weak and uneven. In some cases, the air conditioner indoor unit blew out new.

– Air conditioning gas is lost beyond the allowable limit or check the starting current is low or higher than the allowable level…

– The air conditioner emits unpleasant odors.

– Electricity consumption for air conditioners has increased compared to the previous months of use.

Tools to prepare when maintaining air conditioners

When servicing the air conditioner, it is necessary to prepare the following tools:

  • The booster pump has a high-pressure, deep-cleaning hose system.
  • The spray bottle contains a cleaning solution used to clean dirt and bacteria in the indoor unit.
  • Screwdrivers and other household appliances.
  • Clean towels or rags to prevent water from affecting the electronic boards.
  • Large plastic bag (or convenient raincoat).
  • Vacuum cleaner (if any).
  • Air conditioner maintenance procedures

The process of performing air conditioner maintenance include 8 steps.

Below P69 will guide the maintenance of air conditioners according to detailed technical standards

1.Step 1: Disconnect the power supply.

First, you need to turn off the air conditioner and disconnect all the surrounding power. This is for safety. After that, you wait form 2 to 5 minutes to open the machine to maintain the air conditioner.

2. Step 2: Check the current amount of gas in the air conditioner.

Kiểm tra lượng gas hiện tại trong điều hòa
Check the current amount of gas in the air conditioner

You need to check how much gas is left, if there is less, you need to add more gas to cool the machine better. Also check the gas line. Especially at the joints to avoid machine damage, gas leakage

If the gas pipe is broken and other damaged errors. You need to replace the new wire to make sure the air conditioner works properly

You can see more: Instructions for recharging air conditioner gas

3. Step 3: Check operation.

Open the air conditioner cover and check the equipment and components inside for errors. Check the electric motors, pressure pumps, gas pipes, capacitors … for signs of damage? If this is the case, you will have to call the staff to replace it.

4. Step 4: Clean the indoor unit.

When cleaning the indoor unit, use a pressure pump to spray water directly on the indoor unit, slowly spray on the indoor unit and fan until the dirt disappears. Specialized cleaners can be used to remove dirt. and deodorize. Then dry the indoor unit and install it in the correct position.

Vệ sinh dàn lạnh
Cleaning the indoor unit

5. Step 5: Clean the propeller.

The fan blades are easy to pick up dirt. Before cleaning, you should fix it and dry it first. Then use a specialized cleaning solution to remove dirt and bacteria adhering to the propeller.

6. Step 6: Clean the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit is a place exposed to a lot of dust and insects outdoors, so it needs to be cleaned properly. Remove the outdoor unit cover, use a small pressure pump to spray water in a jet pattern into the slots of the outdoor unit to clean. Pay attention to whether the outdoor unit is carefully covered, the ground wire is intact, etc.

During cleaning, avoid deforming the outdoor unit. If the sheet metal is deformed, use a thin pointed object to flatten it lengthwise and avoid piercing the refrigerant pipes through the sheet metal.

7. Step 7: Clean the air filter and the case.

Proceed to remove the air filter and wash it with warm water about 30 degrees Celsius, then let it dry or use a clean cloth. At the same time, use a cloth with a moderate temperature to wipe the case to keep it clean.

Vệ sinh lưới lọc khí cùng vỏ máy
Clean the air filter and the case

8. Step 8: Check again and finish.

As a final step, after reassembling all devices, you should check the power supply, the cord and the surrounding electrical outlet for looseness or openness. Next turn on the machine and check that the machine runs stably. This is the end of your machine maintenance process.

Chạy thử máy lạnh sau khi tiến hành bảo dưỡng
Test run the air conditioner after performing maintenance

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