Hướng dẫn nạp bổ sung gas điều hòa theo quy trình chuẩn từ A – Z

When you see that your air conditioner is operating normally, the cooling capacity is naturally weak. Most likely it is under or out of gas. In this case, you must carefully check and refill gas. Thus, the new air conditioner works normally again.

If the air conditioner cannot come to check and refill gas for the air conditioner, you can completely fill up the air conditioner yourself with simple tools and do it very easily and safely. Refer to the article immediately. down here. P69 Joint Stock Company will provide detailed instructions on how to refill air conditioner gas safely and securely.

Why have to refill the air conditioner gas?

Air conditioning gas, also known as refrigerant, is a form of liquid used in the refrigeration cycle.

This refrigerant changes from liquid to gas and vice versa. During this conversion, it will absorb hot air from the room and deliver it to the outdoor unit. Then push the hot air out.

Gas in the outdoor unit, after passing through the throttle, will be converted from liquid to gas, the temperature will be cold. Air conditioning gas is led to the indoor unit through copper pipes. This cold air is blown into the room by the indoor unit fan, and at the same time sucks the heat out of the room. It is then sucked into the compressor to be compressed into an extremely hot liquid. Hot refrigerant is sent to the outdoor unit, thanks to the fan blowing hot air into the room and back to the throttle valve to continue the cooling cycle.

Therefore, it can be said that gas is a very important source of energy for air conditioners. Without gas or without gas, the air conditioner cannot cool or heat, and if it does, it is difficult to achieve maximum efficiency.

Nạp gas bổ sung cho điều hòa dễ dàng
Recharge additional gas for air conditioner easily

Signs to recognize when to refill air conditioning gas?

Air conditioning gas is the main cause of determining the cooling mechanism of the air conditioner. However, during operation. Due to many reasons, the element that makes gas in the air conditioner can be lost, leading to a condition where the air conditioner lacks gas or runs out of gas. We need to recognize some signs to promptly supplement as follows:

  1. The air conditioner is still running normally, but the cold air blows out weakly or not at all, only the fan is blowing
  2. The air conditioner blows out smelly
  3. Air conditioner leaking water
  4. The air conditioner is frozen in the indoor unit
  5. The outdoor unit does not have hot air blown out
  6. Air conditioner shows a circuit fault
  7. The air conditioner is running automatically or running for a long time without stopping.

Does the new air conditioner need to be recharged with gas?

If your air conditioner is a 1-way air conditioner. You should have your air conditioner serviced at least once a season. Normally, new air conditioners will need additional gas after 1 year of operation. However, there are still exceptions.

For example, perforated indoor unit, perforated outdoor unit, perforated copper pipe, loose jacco…. leading to a lot of gas loss in a short time, the time needed to pump gas for air conditioning can be shortened.

However, there is a small tip for customers, is that every year we need to maintain the air conditioner, and in the process of air conditioning maintenance for customers of dienanhhungdung.net there is always a free gas test for customers. That is the advantage for customers to have the most accurate gas check to see if they need to pump gas for air conditioning every year at the beginning of the season.

If your air conditioner is a 2-way air conditioner. You should have your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year at the beginning of each season and will be checked free of charge to see if you need to add gas to the air conditioner?

  • Notes: In addition, if you use the air conditioner with a lot of frequency. If you are on a large road surface with a lot of smoke and dust, then increase the number of maintenance times to 3-5 times/year.

How much gas is enough to refill the air conditioner?

The amount of gas charged for each air conditioner is different because it depends on the cooling capacity and the type of gas that the air conditioner uses. And it is measured in pressure unit is PSI

After looking at the technical parameters of the air conditioner on the hot unit, the worker will know what the rated pressure of the air conditioner is, what gas is used for the air conditioner. Then measure the pressure. Compare with the manufacturer’s value, see if there is a shortage or not and how much is missing to proceed with the air conditioning gas pump.

Air conditioning gas is compressed in the block in the air conditioner heater, with very high pressure. Conventional air conditioners that many families are using have a capacity of 9,000BTU – 18,000BT, a gas tank pressure of about 75 – 80 Psi.

Air conditioning gas pump is the supply of enough gas according to the rated pressure of the machine. Let the machine operate in the best condition.

For example, you need to charge gas for an air conditioner 9000BTU, equivalent to a gas pressure of 75Psi. Actual measurement is only 50Psi. That is, you have to add 25Psi ga more.

Types of gas commonly used in air conditioners

Các loại gas thường dùng trên điều hòa
Types of gas commonly used in air conditioners

Gas R22: is the first gas used on air conditioners, users do not need to vacuum when adding new gas. However, now manufacturers have limited the use of this gas because it contains ingredients that pollute the environment.

Gas R410A: is a type of gas with a cooling capacity 1.6 times higher than gas R22, saving electricity and giving a deeper cold. Gas R410 requires users to vacuum when they want to pump gas for air conditioners.

Gas R32: is a new gas on the market, recognized to meet GWP emission standards. Using R32 gas helps users cut emissions by up to 75%, preventing heat gain leading to the greenhouse effect. Similar to R410A gas, this type of gas also requires a vacuum before pumping new gas.

Choosing the right gas for the air conditioner

On the market today, there are two main types of gas commonly used are gas R22 and gas R410A. Gas R22 is an old gas, cheaper price and often used for machines with medium capacity. When recharging gas R22, just determine the amount of missing gas and pump additionally. Although easy to use, this gas is rarely used recently because it has had a bad impact on the environment.

The type of gas that is being used today is R410A gas, which is not harmful to the environment, helps the air conditioner operate with a higher capacity, however, it is more expensive. When additional charging is required, it is necessary to drain the old gas and completely refill it for this type.

Some air-conditioner companies, when selling to developed countries such as the EU, Japan, the USA, etc., have switched to producing air conditioners using R410A gas.

If you are wondering which type of gas to choose, look at the air conditioner company that your family is using and choose the right type of gas.

Four notes before refilling air conditioner gas

1. Before pumping gas, you should check what kind of gas the air conditioner is using. To determine the type of gas, you call the air conditioning company you are using, say the model name of the air conditioner and ask the consultant to check the information for you.

2. When filling the cylinder with gas, you need to turn the gas tank upside down and charge it at the 3-way gas valve behind the outdoor unit.

Úp ngược bình gas khi tiến hành bơm gas
Turn the gas tank upside down when pumping gas

3. Do not refill gas in heating mode. At this time, the 3-way valve pressure is high, causing gas to not be pumped into the air conditioner according to the design.

4. Lower the temperature of the remote to 17 degrees C and adjust the pressure to about 150 psi. If the weather is cold, you should turn on the compressor to work, set the evaporator fan speed according to the ambient temperature.

Items needed when recharging gas for air conditioners

The additional gas refill for the air conditioner only applies to air conditioners that use R22 gas, and R410 gas needs to be drained of the old gas from the air conditioner before it can be refilled with gas for the air conditioner.

Vật dụng cần có khi nạp gas bổ sung cho điều hòa
Necessary items when refilling gas for air conditioners

When refilling gas for the air conditioner, you need to prepare the following items:

– Air conditioner gas tank

– Gas meter

– Pliers, wrench…

When you have fully prepared the above items, you enter to charge gas for the air conditioner.

Instructions for recharging air conditioning gas according to the standard process from A – Z

Steps to safely refill air conditioner gas include the following steps:

Step 1: Connect the gas meter to the gas tank and the air conditioner outdoor unit

Use a screwdriver to remove the air conditioner cover, then use a wrench to unscrew the gas filling screws. Connect one meter wire to the gas filling valve, the other wire to the gas bottle to check the gas pressure in the air conditioner at this time.

Nối đồng hồ đo gas với bình gas và dàn nóng điều hòa
Connect the gas meter to the gas tank and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

Check the refrigerant pipe for gas leaks. If there is, it is recommended to weld the leak or replace the new pipe before proceeding with gas filling.

Step 2: Vacuum

Use a dedicated vacuum cleaner to suck up all the air present in the duct system. When the pressure gauge drops to negative, you proceed to lock the valve and turn off the vacuum cleaner for about   30 – 60 minutes. When the hands of the meter indicate 0, the system has been de-aired.

Step 3: Open the green valve and proceed to fill the system with liquid gas.

– If it is not possible to charge a certain amount of gas for the air conditioner, it can be charged in several times. About 150g each time, while the machine is running in cooling mode; However, this method is not efficient and time-consuming. Please wait for a few minutes and proceed to lock the throttle and then continue to perform the charging process.

– If the scale is not used, the filling of liquid gas for the running machine should be done slowly, a little at a time. When the pressure reaches about 50 PSI, it is recommended to switch to gas charging to easily adjust the amount of gas.

Tiến hành bơm gas cho điều hòa
Pumping gas for the air conditioner

– The pressure value on the meter is only accurate about 20 minutes after stopping the liquid gas filling into the machine. (Usually taller)

– Depending on the type of air conditioner, the suction pressure value is different, the suction pressure value of LG air conditioner ranges from 65~80 PSI. The suction pressure value also depends on the outdoor temperature, the indoor temperature, the cleanliness of the unit, the filter mesh. To decide the suction pressure, it is necessary to check the suction pipe temperature. When the machine is fully throttled, the suction pipe must be cold after about 20 minutes from the time the compressor starts running.

Finally, you remove the meter and reinstall the valves to tighten.

Note when recharging additional gas for air conditioners

– Absolutely avoid filling large volumes of liquid gas continuously into the suction line of the air conditioner while the air conditioner is running. This may damage or shorten the life of the air conditioner compressor.

– When filling with liquid gas for the trench, the suction pressure will be lower than actual. Therefore, it is necessary to operate the air conditioner after 30 minutes to stabilize the system pressure before measuring.

Proper air conditioning cleaning process

– Step 1: Check the operation status of the air conditioner

– Step 2: Cleaning indoor and outdoor units

– Step 3: Check gas and refill gas for air conditioners

– Step 4: Reassemble the parts, check the operation of the air conditioner. Clean the work area and hand it over to the customer.

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