M&E stands for Mechanical & Electrical (understood in Vietnamese means mechanical & electrical – which is often abbreviated as electromechanical engineering)

The M&E system is divided into four main categories:

  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system
  • Water supply and drainage and sanitary equipment (Plumbing & Sanitary, P&S for short)
  • Electrical (Electrical)
  • Fire alarm & fire fighting system.

In the above 4 items, the Electrical part accounts for about 40-60% of the volume of the M&E part (Depending on the project, it can even be up to 70.80%).

Electricity can be divided into the following sections:

Heavy electricity includes:

  • Main power supply: is the main power supply system, including medium voltage cabinets, medium voltage lines, 24kV/0.4kV transformers and main switchgear (called MSB, main switch board). May have additional (Automatic Voltage Regulator System: Automatic Voltage Regulator System, AVR for short)
  • System of distribution cabinets: Submain power supply (including power supply for motivation, production, lighting, sockets …)
  • Living lighting system: Lighting
    Socket system: Socket outlet
  • Emergency lighting system: Emergency lighting (exit light, emergency light)
  • Earthing system: Earthing system (or grounding system)
  • Lightning protection system: Lightning protection system (including ground rods and lightning collector, other than grounding system)

Light electricity

  • LAN and Internet system: Data network system
  • Telephone system: Telephone system
  • Security monitoring system: Security & Supervisor system.
  • PA system (public address system)….                                                                                                                                                          

M&E design standards

Design standards M&E systems in the building need to fully meet Vietnamese Standards (TCVN) and Technical Regulations (QCVN) published by the Vietnam Quality Standards Institute and ministries and sectors.

Regarding the wind and air conditioning system, the electromechanical contractor must design according to the following standards:

  • TCVN 6160:1996 – Fire protection – High-rise buildings – Design requirements
  • TCXD 232:1999 – Ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration systems – Fabrication, installation, acceptance
  • QCVN 26:2010 – BTNMT – National technical regulation on noise
  • TCVN 5687:2010 – Ventilation, air conditioning – Design standards
  • QCVN 09:2013 – Efficient use of energy

The M&E M&E contractor should also meet certain standards for the design of drainage and sanitary equipment:

  • TCVN 4513: 1988 – Internal water supply and drainage – Design standards
  • TCVN 4519:1988 – Water supply and drainage system inside houses and works
  • TCVN 33:2006 – Water supply – External networks and buildings – Design standards
  • TCVN 7957:2008 – Drainage – External networks and buildings – Design standards

In addition, the M&E contractor also needs to pay attention to M&E systems in the building about fire alarm and fighting

  • TCVN 2622:1995 – Fire prevention and fighting for houses and works – Design requirements
  • TCVN 5738:2001 – Automatic fire alarm system – Technical requirements
  • TCVN 7336:2003 – Fire protection – Automatic sprinkler system – Design and installation requirements
  • TCVN 3890:2009 – Fire prevention and fighting means for houses and works

At the same time, the contractor needs to pay close attention to the problem of the electrical system in the building

  • TCXD 4756:1989 – Regulation on grounding and zero connection of electrical equipment
  • TCVN 11:2006 – Regulation on electrical equipment
  • TCXDVN 394:2007 – Design and installation of electrical equipment in construction works – Electrical safety
  • QCVN 07:2016 – National standard on infrastructure (5 – Power supply works; 7- Lighting works)
  • TCVN 9206:2012 – Installation of electrical equipment in houses and public works – Design standards
  • TCVN 9207:2012 – Laying of power lines in houses and public works – Design standards

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