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Unlike the rest of the house, the toilet needs not only aesthetics above but also rationality below. A misalignment of a few cups or installation with a lack of steps can cause disastrous problems. It will cost you a lot of money if you do not know how to install toilet equipment properly.

Notes on construction and installation of sanitary equipment

Notes on construction and installation of sanitary equipment
Notes on construction and installation of sanitary equipment
  • Drawings and location calculations are clearly an important condition to have when installing bathroom and toilet equipment.
  • In order for the toilet to be set up neatly and according to technical standards, it is very important to arrange scientific, reasonable and convenient equipment locations.
  • To meet the needs of many people, proper installation of sanitary equipment is very important.
  • Lighting and ventilation system for the toilet also need to be set up to make the toilet more airy and convenient.

Standard size installation of sanitary equipment

In fact, there are standards for the installation of sanitary ware that we need to know to ensure usability and aesthetics. The installation size of the sanitary ware is a factor that homeowners need to pay attention to, specifically:

1. Standard size of toilet installation:

– The distance from the wall to the center of the discharge hole must be 305mm as standard.

– To ensure the correct installation standards, help the toilet use longer and ensure higher aesthetics.

2. Standard shower installation dimensions:

– The distance between the two hot and cold supply lines must be from 150mm to 180mm.

– The distance from the floor to the hot and cold water supply must be over 900mm for the water supply to meet the prescribed standards.

3. Standard size of wash basin installation:

– The distance from the floor to the wash basin must be from 80cm.

– To ensure a convenient distance for users, also to ensure the aesthetics of the indoor installation area.

Standard size installation of sanitary equipment
Standard size installation of sanitary equipment

4. Standards for installing sanitary ware with a small area:

– Areas with small toilets with an area of  ​​​​5 – 3m2  can install the most basic sanitary equipment such as toilets, sinks, faucets and showers.

– The position of the toilet should be arranged at the end of the house or under the stairs to facilitate travel and increase the aesthetics of the house.

5. Standards for installing sanitary ware with medium area:

– With toilets with an area of ​​​​4 – 6m2, classified as a standard area.

– With this area, it is possible to design and arrange more sanitary equipment in a convenient layout to improve the comfort and aesthetic beauty of the room.

Standards for installing sanitary ware with a large area:

With a large toilet area from 10 to 11m2 or more, homeowners can freely choose sanitary equipment depending on their needs. Specifically, it is possible to install:

  • High-end long-body toilets of brands: TOTO, INAX, CAESAR.
  • The allowed area can be fitted with a beautiful bathtub, a stereoscopic bathtub.
  • Flexible installation of additional closed walls to increase sound insulation, aesthetics and improve the hygiene quality of the area.

Instructions for installing toilet equipment

First you will need to figure out the location of your bath or shower, sink, and toilet. This will determine where you will need to install the water pipes.

1. Installation of discharge equipment (discharge pipe)

Installation of discharge equipment (discharge pipe)
Installation of discharge equipment (discharge pipe)

The cause of the slow draining, clogged toilet… usually the improperly installed pipes. Therefore, this step is extremely important to determine the effective operation of the bathroom later.

The drain pipe of the toilet needs  to be designed separately from the drain line of the sink, bathtub and floor. The length of the pipe should be as short as possible and the use of joints should be limited. Note, the connection must use a Y-knife. These mounting details are intended to reduce drag, prevent deposits from building up in the pipe, and at the same time, help reduce material costs.

In particular, the exhaust pipe needs to have an attached air duct to exhaust the gas. Gas stagnation in the exhaust pipe can cause the hose to burst.

2. Install the washbasin

When buying a washbasin, you should not just look at the appearance and size. Each sink has different installation parameters. You need to make sure the sink you buy is suitable when installing your toilet or bathroom plumbing.

To install high-end toilet equipment such as a washbasin, follow these five steps in sequence:

Step 1: Hang up the sink: Measure the size of the sink => Locate the two hangers => Screw the hatch on the wall => Place the basin on.

Step 2: Check the flatness of the pot with a ruler: Adjust it by placing thin rubber pieces down.

Step 3: Attach the pipes: water supply faucet, siphon, drain pipe, lavabo faucet (can use hot and cold lavabo faucet if required) and check the tightness of the connection.

Step 4: Fill the gaps between the sink and the wall or stone table with silicone.

Step 5: Install the base of the basin (with high-end sinks).

3. Installing the shower

First of all, you need to choose the right shower model for your bathroom.

Determine the distance between two water lines (hot, cold) to select the corresponding shower. Normally this distance will range from 150-200mm. And the height from the foundation to the two water supply pipes is 750 – 800 mm.

It can be said that installing a shower is much simpler than other sanitary equipment. It only takes you 2 steps to complete:

Step 1: Install 2 eccentric pipes and 2 water supply pipes => Tighten the pipes.

Step 2: Install the lotus body and the holder on the handpiece: Install the rubber gasket on the nut on the lotus body => Install the lotus body in the upper water supply pipe => Install the shower arm on the wall => Install the lotus stem on the lotus body, or follow the installation instructions that came with the product if it is a standing shower.

4. Install the toilet

Install the toilet
Install the toilet

The toilet is the most important part of the bathroom. To install  this sanitary ware  , you need to check that the flush center of the tub needs to coincide with the center of the waiting hole on the floor. Then do the following steps:

Step 1: Locate the foot of the toilet: Put the foot of the toilet in the correct discharge hole => Gently press the toilet so that the thickness of the mortar layer is 5-7 mm.

Step 2: Build the foot of the toilet: Create a grout line 2 – 3 cm wide, 1 – 1.2 cm thick according to the mark made => Fix the foot of the bridge => Check the flatness with a Nivo ruler and adjust it again.

Step 3: Install the safe into the body after the cement dries hard.

5. Install a male urinal

Similar to installing other sanitary ware, first, you need to make sure  the male urinal  matches the bathroom’s water supply and drainage system. Each male urinal design has different installations, but in general there are 3 steps:

Step 1: Hang the male urinal: Locate the hanger => Screw the hatch on the wall => Hang the tub up => Check the balance and adjust.

Step 2: Attach the pipes: water supply faucet, siphon, drain pipe and check the tightness of the joints.

Step 3: Seal the gaps between the wall basin.

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