Installing powder-coated cable ladders: notes, benefits, service quotes

Installing powder-coated cable ladders is one of the most important and indispensable equipment in the electrical system of constructions such as factories commercial centers, hospitals, etc. It plays a very important role, but not everyone, also know about the specific effects of the above device.

Powder coated cable ladder is the most preferred product used by contractors in today’s cable ladders. Why is that? What are the criteria to choose the right cable ladder? What is the process of installing powder coated cable ladders? What are the notes? Let’s work with P69 Company to solve the above questions

What is powder coated cable ladder?

A lot of shoppers still don’t know what a powder coated cable ladder is. This is essentially a type of ladder used to install cable and line systems in factories, schools apartment buildings, high-rise buildings… This type of ladder is manufactured from powder-coated materials with high durability and outstanding safety efficiency, partly creating the aesthetic of the project.

Thang cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Powder coated cable ladder

Cable ladder has a structure of each step with equal spacing, the crossbars are punched and connected by straight and contracted accessories. There are cable ladder works fitted with ladder covers.

Outstanding advantages when installing powder-coated cable ladders

Currently, powder coated cable ladders are increasingly used for most construction projects. This type of electric ladder has many advantages that make the ladder capable of meeting the following works:

Because the ladder has the ability to minimize the risk of tearing or scratching the electrical cable cover, it helps to ensure high safety for uses and also for the construction of the construction of the electrical cable system.

The ladder has a simple structure, so the installation is very easy and trick. This will help save construction time to the optimal level for users. In particular, the installation of the device is very easy, so users will not spend too much effort.

The size of the ladder is compact, so it has the ability to save a lot of space.

Ưu điểm vượt trội của thang cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Outstanding advantages of powder coated

The ladder is made of powder-coated material with perfect anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability, so no matter what environmental conditions it used, it will not be affected, even harsh environmental conditions.

With the outstanding durability that the powder-coated cable ladder is users will not spend a lot of money on maintenance and replacement.

The use of ladders help to ensure high aesthetics for the construction of electrical cable and wiring systems in buildings. This device contributes significantly to creating the general aesthetic that users want to have.

Application of installing powder-coated cable ladder

At present, powder-coated cable ladders are widely used in wiring and electrical cables in large and high-altitude projects such as apartments, offices, buildings, commercial centers, etc. Wherever it is installed, the electric cable ladder still makes users happy when it can make construction and installation much simpler and more convenient.

If customers want to choose good quality powder-coated cable ladders, then Company P69  will be a reliable destination that customers should not ignore. To be the market leader in providing cable ladders. We have become the destination of thousands of large and small projects. Come to us, customers will be consulted to choose the most suitable ladder with the most preferential price list.

Ứng dụng lắp đặt thang cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Application of installing powder-coated cable ladder

Notes when choosing a powder coated cable ladder

Before choosing a suitable cable tray ladder product, it should be noted:

– Choose the right type of cable tray ladder according to usage requirements. This not only helps to use all the features of the product, but also helps to optimize the most cost for the contractor. Typically for the construction of wires and cables indoors, in tunnels, etc, places that are not affected by rain and sun, the contractor should only choose ordinary galvanized trough ladders. On the contrary, if you choose hot-sip galvanized or powder-coated, the type is too costly and unnecessary. Similarly, if the outdoor signal cable is installed, it is not possible to choose the usual galvanized type. Because it breaks quickly, it does not protect wires and cables

– Consult the price of electric cable ladder before deciding to order. Be a smart customer when asking for quotes form many parties to consult and choose the most suitable unit in terms of both price and quantity for your project.

–   Choose to order from reputable units. To make the right choice, do a thorough research on several cable tray suppliers on the market. Following the feedback and reviews form previous customers, you can tell is it is a reliable unit or not

Những lưu ý khi lựa chọn thang cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Notes when choosing a powder-coated

Standard electrostatic powder-coated cable ladder installation process

Here is the detailed process of installing powder-coated cable ladder that you can refer to:

1. Step 1: Prepare and check the instrument

Before installation, you need to prepare all tools and materials. Not all parts are installed the same, so you need to double check. Overall, cable ladder kits are pretty much the same. Includes ladder, cable frame used for outer sheathing, platform frame, adapter bracket, ground strap and frame adapter bracket, ground strap and screws washers and bolts

2. Step 2: Cut the ladder to the right size

If your frame and ladder are the correct size you don’t need to cut. However, if it is wrong, you need to cut the base and ladder to the right size . Each scale cuts about 2 inches more than the length you want

3. Step 3: Locate and fix the ladder to the diaphragm wall 

You attach the stand to a diaphragm wall or other support point for the cable ladder. Usually, the stand will be attached to the wall or you can drill a hole in the wall of the right size to attach the cable ladder system to the wall.

Then, insert the adapter bracket in the holes on the top of each cable ladder. When doing this, make sure the hook on the adapter frame is facing down, and the cable ladder is up.

4. Step 4: Attach the ladder system support legs

This operation is quite simple. Currently, ladder frames are designed to simply be pinned to the ladder without mounting. However, you need to make sure the frame is safe to avoid risks during use.

5. Step 5: Ground cable tray ladder

This is an extremely important step to prevent electric shock during use. Ladder supports and each sheath must be grounded. You just need to connect the foundation frame to the cable tray at the point near the wall. Then attach the ground strap to the platform frame with a nut. Finally, attach the ground strap to the grounding points on the wall.

6. Step 6: Check the installed cable ladder system 

Before putting the cable month into operation, you need to make sure the components are installed according to the standards. Therefore, after completing the installation, please carefully check the details on the completed ladder system.

Quy trình lắp đặt thang cáp sơn tĩnh điện đúng tiêu chuẩn
Standard electrostatic powder-coated cable ladder installation process

Some notes when installing ladder powder-coated cables

When carrying out the installation process of cable ladders, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Choose suitable, high-quality cable tray ladders.
  • Installers must be experienced and skilled
  • Note about the technical requirement.
  • Pay attention to every small detail such as bolts, screws, etc.

Quotation for powder coated cable ladder

Most customers are often confused when each unit provides a different price list of powder-coated cable ladders. Units selling cheap cable ladders may not bring quality products. The units that offer the “heavenly” price list do not necessarily have commensurate good accessories.

Before buying, you should consult and research carefully to choose a reputable unit. Below is an accurate quote for electric cable ladders from the leading, reputable cable ladder supplier in the market P69 – M&E M&E Contractor

P69 company updated the following price list for the latest 2022 painted static cable ladder

See more details at: Last Powder Coated Cable Ladder Price List 2022

Above is the latest reference price list of P69’s 2022 powder-coated cable ladder, materials fluctuate daily, so please contact the following information to have the sales staff send the most accurate price list of powder-coated cable ladders.

Báo giá thang cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Quotation for powder coated cable ladder

Company P69 specializes in providing cheap and quality cable ladders

Currently, cable ladders are used a lot in the process of building and installing electrical systems of works. Therefore, the demand to buy cable tray ladders is increasing, but it is not easy for all customers to find a reputable, quality, and reasonably priced supplier and manufacturer of cable tray ladders.

Company P69 is a reputable unit supplying and manufacturing cable ladders according to customers’ requirements. High quality cable tray ladder products with reasonable prices at the factory have brought P69 Company great prestige to customers. And many of them have become our familiar partners.

P69.JSC will always bring satisfaction to its customers.

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