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With a very hot and stuffy summer environment. The wet rainy season makes it easy for microorganisms to multiply , affecting human health. That’s why installing ceiling fans is essential. If you are looking for a quick, easy and simple way to install, don’t miss the article of P69 Company!

Procedure for installing ceiling-mounted ventilation fans

The process consists of 4 steps to install an efficient ceiling fan:

Step 1: Determine the installation location and hole size

For the safest and most aesthetically pleasing installation. The false ceiling box must be the right size for the ceiling exhaust fan

Users need to accurately measure the size of the ceiling exhaust fan and design a similar sized false ceiling.

Step 2: Install the ceiling exhaust fan

After having a false ceiling cell of the right size. You jus need to install the exhaust fan device simply.

Note that before installation, you should disassemble the device cover to facilitate assembly. Installation of ceiling fan equipment goes though the following stage in turn:

– Install the connection between the ventilation duct and exhaust fan in the correct size of the false ceiling box

– Install the ceiling exhaust fan in the correct size of the false ceiling box

– Screw to fix the device

– Install the cover of the device

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Install a ceiling fan to help ventilate the house

Step 3: Install the ventilation duct

Once you have completed the installation of the device in the false ceiling box, you need to install the duct in the coupling unit and secure it

Step 4: Install the power supply

Let the ceiling fan come into use. You need to install a power source for the device. For ceiling fans that use a control panel. You need to design the most suitable mounting position for the control panel before installing the power supply.

Notes when installing ceiling exhaust fan equipment

To help the ceiling fan exhaust ventilation device, you need to pay attention to the following issue:

– It is recommended to install ceiling ventilation exhaust fans in spaces with false ceiling structures

– Do not  arbitrarily disturb the installation of equipment that will affect the operation of the exhaust fan

– When installing, you should disconnect the power supply to ensure the safety of the installer

– Contact the system immediately, the technical staff will help you install the ceiling fan in the most correct way.

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