Instruction manual for installation of nitrogen fire extinguishing system

Installing a nitrogen fire extinguishing system is an environmentally friendly clean fire extinguisher system (without affecting the surrounding environment) with nitrogen gas. Below is a guide to install a standard nitrogen fire fighting system from A-Z of P69 Company. Please refer !

What is a nitrogen fire suppression system installation?

According to specific chemical properties, nitrogen is an inert, non-combustible gas, from which, an object is isolated form not only surrounded by a layer of nitrogen gas, the fire extinguisher is a nitrogen gas that helps to extinguish the fire by the method of isolating O2 gas and the burning object. When the amount of nitrogen gas reaches 98% of the surface of the fire area will be completely extinguished because it is a non-combustible gas.

Lắp đặt hệ thống chữa cháy bằng khí Nito là gì?
What is a nitrogen fire suppression system installation ?

Currently, fire protection equipment using nitrogen gas cylinders is often widely applied in areas such as computer rooms, substations, telephone switchboards, offices where many documents and documents are stored. , power generation room, military base, industrial workshop, manufacturing machinery workshop, combustibles storage, petrochemical facility, electromechanical room, laboratory…

Attention when installing nitrogen fire extinguisher system

Nitrogen fire extinguishing systems usually applied to enclosed or relatively enclosed (or sequestable) spaces. Nitrogen firefighting  is often a last resort when other measures are ineffective or not feasible.

– To ensure safety for people, the system must ensure the following minimum requirements.

– The space to be extinguished must be closed.

– People must be evacuated before nitrogen injection. To achieve this, it is common to build a nitrogen control breaker cabinet so that whenever the cabinet is opened (even though the nitrogen valve has not been started), the system of whistles and warning lights in the space to be extinguished will be activated. turn on instantly to notify everyone.

– When opening the cabinet, the light or buzzer in the central control room must also be started. When nitrogen is pumped, when the fire is finished, the space must be safe for people to enter.

– Therefore, it is necessary to have a good ventilation system and be equipped with sensors to determine gas concentration.

Principles when installing a nitrogen fire extinguisher system

The exhaust system is done automatically or manually. In principle, the gas discharge in automatic mode must receive signals form tow different fire alarm channels and must ensure the following principles:

+ When a detector works: the center will display the alarm channel and give an alarm signal with a bell like a fire alarm system.

+ When a detector works: the center will display the alarm channels work: The center will issue an order to release the gas by the horn, the time to order the release of the gas to be set form 0-3 minutes, when the central exhaust is released. it will be notified by the buzzer, the exhaust indicator light to prevent people from entering the area where the gas is being discharged. In addition, we can also actively release the air manually by pressing the exhaust button.

Construction of a nitrogen fire extinguishing system of done correctly the above principle will absolutely not directly affect human life, machinery, equipment, electricity and electronics in the room.

Installing a nitrogen fire extinguishing system

It is extremely difficult and dangerous to install a nitrogen fire extinguishing system yourself without sufficient experience and adequate preparation knowledge. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the project as well as yourself, immediately contact the reputable nitrogen fire fighting system installation team. Currently, on the market, there are many units that install nitrogen fire extinguishing systems according to customer requirements. Ensure prestige and experience criteria with good cost.

Advantage of nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system

Nitrogen fire extinguishing system is one of the two most commonly used gas fire extinguishing systems today with special advantages such as:

Ưu điểm của hệ thống chữa cháy khí Nito
Advantages of nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system 

1. Effective fire fighting

Nitrogen is a fire-extinguishing inert gas based on the oxygen depletion principle. In an enclosed space almost all fires can be extinguished in less than 60 seconds when the oxygen concentration falls below 15%. Nitrogen is capable of reducing oxygen concentrations to approximately 12.5%.

2. Safety for equipment and objects

When receiving a fire alarm signal, the fire extinguishing system will active and cover all equipment with a suitable nitrogen gas layer while preventing the spread and ignition of the fire by isolating oxygen from the fire without using additional water or foam.

When no other substances are used and nitrogen gas does not cause frost, etc., it does not corrode metal, so it is completely safe for equipment and objects made from metal. In addition, nitrogen gas isolation efficiency is also higher and no decomposition gas is generated.

3. Human-friendly

Nitro does not pose the same risk of poisoning to humans as Carbon Dioxide (CO2); In fire areas people can breathe nitrogen gas when nitrogen extinguishing systems are operating at levels acceptable for short-term human exposure. It also does not obscure visibility when we are evacuating in a fire because nitrogen is a colorless, transparent substance.

4. Environmentally friendly 

Nitrogen gas is an inert gas found in nature so it does not destroy the environment at all. The ozone destruction factor of nitrogen is “zero” and the coefficient for global warming is also “zero”.

Disadvantages of nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system

Nitrogen gas needs to be stored in thick-shelled vessels (because of the high pressure up to 200 Bar), resulting in more installation space than usual. Because it is lighter than air, the effectiveness of nitrogen fire extinguishing systems in well-ventilated areas is not high.

In the Vietnamese market, nitrogen gas tanks have only one common size of 80L, when installing, it is necessary to combine clusters of many tanks, leading to more space. High pressure container, there is a risk of explosion, so must be kept separate from the area to be extinguished.

Although nitrogen is non-toxic, harmful gas, it is friendly to humans and the environment. However, if the safety regulations are not followed, it can also cause unfortunate accidents

Note when using nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system

Although nitrogen gas is a non-toxic, harmful gas, friendly to humans and the environment. However, it the safety regulations are not followed, it can also cause unfortunate accidents such as:

– Frostbite: Nitrogen gas in the gas cylinder is liquefied at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius, so when sprayed and touched the skin for a long time can cause frostbite.

– Asphyxiation: Although nitrogen gas is not harmful to humans, if it is in an enclosed space, with too high a concentration of nitrogen gas, causing oxygen to drop below 19.5%, it will cause hypoxia and cause people to be sick. suffocate.

– Explosion of equipment:  Liquid nitrogen is stored in an enclosed space, if there is a sudden vaporization due to increased pressure, it may cause an explosion.

Things to know when installing a NITO gas fire extinguishing system

3 things to know when installing a nitrous fire extinguishing system include:

1. Quality warranty of nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system

– The installation system nitrogen fire fighting will be warranted for 12 months from the time of acceptance of the work.

– Time to complete the work is: 30 days (from the date of receiving the ground)

2. Acceptance of nitrous gas fire extinguishing system

– After conducting the load energizing test, coordinate with the Investor – Electromechanical Contractor – Supervision consultant

– The design unit conducts acceptance test, handover and put into use

– Transfer of technical documents, user manuals.

– Training, training to use at the construction site (1 time)

3. Contact for construction – where is the quote for the nitrous fire fighting system?

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