Slot Linear Diffuser: Quotation, Technical installation

Nowaday, the technology development entails a serial of intelligent machine technologies. One of them is air conditioner. With the hot weather of summer, there is nothing better than having an air conditioner, but for the ventilation air conditioner to work effectively, it is indispensable for the Slot Diffuser. What is Slot Diffuser ? What is the use and cost of installing Slot louvers? We will learn together in the following article.

What is Slot Linear Diffuser?

This type of diffuser mainly used for the installation of ceiling mounted air conditioner indoor units, connecting ducts, making air-conditioning vents.

Slot Diffusers also have other names such as: slit-type diffusers, long louvers. These names are derived form the design of this vents. The design of Slot vents has spokes and frames the combine to cover the lower part, when viewed from the bottom up, you will imagine very luxurious narrow slits.

Lắp đặt cửa gió slot
Install slot linear diffuser

Slot diffuser is divided into types: 1-slot, 2-slot, 3-slot, 4-slot, corresponding to the number of narrow slits in each vent, Common sizes are usually 800x150mm, 1000x150mm, 1200x150mm.

 Application of Slot Linear Diffuser

3 main uses:

  • Temperature control

With the structure of the louver helps to adjust the amount of wind very well, providing a moderate amount of cool or warm air. Since then the indoor temperature is better regulated, bringing the most comfortable and comfortable temperature for the building.

  • Air circulation 

The air between the inside and outside of the building will be best circulated thanks to the Slot vent. The way the louver works is to push the air inside out and take in fresh air form the outside. That means that the dirt and odors will be pushed out to bring the fresh air for human health inside.

  • Eliminate air stagnation

For spaces with tight and secretive conditions, a ventilation system is definitely indispensable. Thanks to the vent, the stuffiness will be pushed to the outside. The air intake mechanism will bring oxygen form the outside in supporting the respiratory process for the human body, ensuring both heath and the most comfortable mood.

Feature of using Slot linear diffuser

– Used as supply air outlet or return air outlet.

The blades can adjust the air flow in many directions.

– Usually mounted on the ceiling along the corridors of the halls, large show-rooms that require high technicality and fine art.

– It will be two or more segments when the size is greater than 1200mm.

Đặc điểm sử dụng cửa gió Slot 

Dimensions and quotation of Slot Diffusers

Slot-type louver, also known as Slot air outlet, is one of the most popular types of louvers currently used in air conditioning and ventilation projects. Immediately refer to the size and latest Slot price quote below.

Types Width
Face sizes
Neck sizes
WxH: (A-35)x(B-35)
Box Sizes
1 Slot
800×90 765×55 775×65
2 Slot 800×137 765×102 775×112
3 Slot 800×184 765×149 75×159
4 Slot 800×231 765×196 775×206
1 Slot
1000×90 965×55 975×65
2 Slot 1000×137 965×102 975×112
3 Slot 1000×184 965×149 975×159
4 Slot 1000×231 965×196 975×206
1 Slot
1200×90 1165×55 1175×65
2 Slot 1200×137 1165×102 1175×112
3 Slot 1200×184 1165×149 1175×159
4 Slot 1200×231 1165×196 1175×206

Looking at the size table above, it is easy to see, the slot air outlet quote will be divided by type (1, 2, 3, 4 slot) and the specific size of each type. Please note that there are many different types of slot doors on the market today. Therefore, you need to choose the type of louver designed according to the set standards, ensuring both quality, aesthetics, and best operation for your air conditioning system.

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