What is a light electrical system? Overview, classification, model

What is a light system? Overview, classification, model? This is definitely a question many people have when they are new to this term. Because if you do not work in the electrical industry, it is unlikely that you have understood and detailed the light electrical system and its applications in life. To know all this, do not skip the following article of the company P69 .

What is a light system?

Light electrical systems,  also known as ELV (Extra Low Voltage systems) – is a term used in the construction industry, used to refer to systems in a building that need electricity to operate but are not part of it. of the main electrical system in the building. Although it accounts for only a small proportion (about 10-20% of the project value), the light electricity system (ELV) determines the quality level of the project, because the nature of light electricity is the industrial systems. High technology, always developed and upgraded for the purpose and convenience of users.

Overview of the light electrical system

This system is always present throughout 24 hours of each person. We just haven’t found out what it is yet. Although the value is not great, but benefits and applications in life for everyone. In conferences and seminars

These include what is ever changing and changing with the development of technology. With the sole purpose of providing people with many utilities that are really useful and necessary for life. People who use them can have a better quality of life.

Current popular light power system model

The current popular light power system model is as follows:

Current popular light power system model
Current popular light power system model

Classification of light electrical systems

– BMS system: The BMS system integrates the systems in the building to manage and monitor the status to save energy and manage automatically.

– Sound system (PA):  Public announcement sound system to convey information, messages and messages as well as emergency announcements in the building. In addition, this system is also capable of playing BGM (Background Music) in the building

– Telephone exchange system:  Is a voice system to maintain the communication connection of the building with the outside and internal communication.

– Surveillance camera system:  Is a CCTV / IPTV (analog camera / network camera) CCTV system, used in image observation or security monitoring applications for works.

– LAN and internet system:  A system that combines computers together through network-connected devices for the purpose of exchanging information and connecting to the internet.

– Access control system:  This is the access management system in the building, to limit and manage the doors as well as the elevators. In addition, this system is also used for timekeeping, calculating the time of entering and leaving.

– Cable TV system, satellite TV:  A satellite and cable television system that can be used to get signals directly from a broadcast station or through a television service provider.

– Intrusion and fire alarm system:  This is an unauthorized intrusion warning system, fire warning or when a fire occurs.

– iParking smart parking system:  It is a system to manage, control the entrance and exit and direct traffic vehicles to park at the specified positions in the parking area automatically. Depending on the characteristics of the parking lot, the following options can be applied: management of vehicles in and out, automatic calculation of parking fees, instructions and notices in parking locations.

– Video conferencing system:  Video conferencing system is a form of direct information exchange between members who are far apart (maybe within a country or around the world). When in a video conference, members can see each other, exchange, discuss and data (voice, video, data) for each other.

– Intercom system:  An intercom system, applied in high-rise apartment buildings combined with elevator and parking lot management. Communication can be conveyed by both audio and video.

– Automatic queuing system:  A system that arranges customers in a specific sequence. The automatic queuing system is applied at transaction centers such as banks, People’s Committees, hospitals, phone service centers, telephone collection centers, train ticket shops. car, plane ticket

– Nurse call system on duty: Nurse  call system to help patients quickly get timely help. With just a simple push of a button, patients can immediately call the nurse on duty for immediate assistance. This system helps to improve the efficiency of patient service for the hospital. It also statistic shows how long the average patient service time (from push button to being served).

– Versatile card system:  Versatile card is a higher development of the contactless magnetic card system. Multi-function cards can store information on the card’s memory. The system can work independently of the computer, applied for internal payment, charge-related functions, or access control in high-security areas.

Application of light electricity in life

Light electricity is one of the systems that play a very important role in most large and small projects today. With the link together, light electricity is very widely applied to the system of buildings and constructions.

Application of light electricity in life
Application of light electricity in life

Professional light electrical construction process

Light electrical systems play an important role for every project today, but the installation process must ensure the right technique, details are done right below.

1. Take electric conduit into the wall and concrete floor

– Determine the position, length, and width of the cut line on the wall according to the drawing board. Then use the washing machine according to the line outlined

– Install electrical pipes, close the cut wall grid in case the wall is cracked during the installation of electrical lines in the wall

– For concrete floors, put the junction boxes in the designated positions, use electrical pipes to connect the junction boxes together to form the mains electrical conduit for the equipment.

– Acceptance of pipes, junction boxes. Note that the concrete pouring process must be supervised by someone to avoid causing the pipe to be flattened or broken

2. Install the cable tray system

– Positioning the height, mounting position of cable tray racks

– Processing the racks, installing the equipment in the positioned position, the distance between the racks is from 1.3m to 1.5m.

– At the position of the cable tray to the cabinet, it is recommended to use threaded connection, do not manually cut the trough to join at the 3-way 4-way split of the trough system, but use accessories (numb, threaded connection, cross, etc.) ) factory made to avoid scratching the power cable in the cable tray.

– Cable trays are grounded with PVC coated copper cables or copper bars to form a safe grounding system for the cable route.

– Mounting and editing.

3. Connect the power cord to the conduit

– Determine the length of the wire

– Use the bait wire to proceed with the drawing

– The glue is marked each gland and by color

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