Project: Vinhomes Grand Park


Execution of the M&E general contractor

  • Building S6.05 – Lot A3 – Division 2
    Tunnel A3 – Division 2

Address: Vinhomes Grand Park – District 9 – Ho Chi Minh City

Investor: Vingroup

Contract value: 350,347,300,000 VND

Vinhomes Grand Park is a world-class smart city that is operated and applied according to successful models in the world such as Singapore, Songdo of Korea, Fujisawa of Japan or a series of smart cities in Europe. , Americas. Vinhomes Grand Park smart ecosystem is based on 4 core pillars including: Smart Security, Smart Operation, Smart Community, Smart Apartment.

When formed, Vinhomes Grand Park has become a “magnet” attracting a large number of residents to live and work because this is a well-invested and large-scale urban area by Vingroup with a system of utilities. superiority hard to find at any other project on the market.

It can be said that this is the new center of East Saigon – a high-tech zone, Vinhomes Grand Park residents can find full facilities and high-class living services right in the urban area.