Making a brand mark with the success of a series of previous projects, P69 Investment Joint Stock Company continues to be trusted and entrusted by Vingroup investor to the construction of M&E general contractor at Vinhomes Smart City West project. Mo – Dai Mo.

  • Building H8 (S2.02), Lot F1-CH03
  • Building D9 (S4.03) Lot F4-CH01
  • Common basement lot F4-CH03
  • Common basement lot F4-CH01
  • Villas Vinhomes Green Villas

Vinhomes Smart City Tây Mỗ Đại Mỗ - Bảng Giá Chung Cư Mới Nhất

         Vinhomes Smart City – New Center in the West of Hanoi – one of the pioneering products of Vinhomes in particular and Vingroup in general, applying technologies and providing the most advanced high-tech products in the market. School – featured with a comprehensive Smart Ecosystem on 4 core axes: Smart Security, Smart Operation, Smart Community, Smart Apartment Products, promising to bring active, modern life modern and trendy.

         With a total area of ​​280ha, a construction density of only 14.7%, Vinhomes Smart City is synchronously planned for schools, hospitals, and commercial centers, with the highlight of Southeast Asia’s leading-scale Sports Park and a series of amenities. New benefits are right in the heart of the city. Ready for a smart lifestyle, in the dynamic green space of a non-stop connected modern city. Look forward to Vinhomes Smart City – New Center in the West of Hanoi.

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