Structure and working principle of standard exhaust fan

Ventilation fan is a product that always attracts the attention of the majority of customers. The fan brings a fresh and cool working space. Ventilation fans with many different models. The ventilation fan structure shows a remarkable superiority in quality as well as impressive working efficiency.

But do you know about the creation and working principle of the exhaust fan? Let’s find out with P69 Joint Stock Company!

Ventilation fan Structure

Ventilation fans include:

  • Propeller system, motor and belt.
  • This system works when charging a certain amount of electricity. When operating, the fan will operate with the function of sucking hot air and blowing cool air in.

Ventilation fans are divided into two main types, round exhaust fans and square exhaust fans.

  • A circular ventilator is a circular fan that cools the air quickly and consumes very little electricity. Circular ventilators are often used in many pipelines,
Quạt thông gió tròn
Round ventilation fan
  • Square fan is a type with square fan shape. Strong air intake capacity saves energy and effective ventilation. Used in all factories, different barns. So it is the most popular product today in the exhaust fan line.
Quạt thông gió vuông
Square ventilation fan

Details of the ventilation fan structure include a very small and light motor system that does not cause much noise. The motor life is appreciated, it is capable of running continuously for 72 hours without any damage. Compact and elegant design, easy to move and install. Components are made of high-grade steel, anti-rust so you will feel secure when installing in any environment.

Advantages of exhaust fans

Elegant and compact ventilation fan structure. Thanks to this feature, the product can be easily moved and installed in many different locations without taking up a lot of space.

All components that make up the product are made of high-grade, rust-resistant steel. So we can safely use them in many different environments.

Use exhaust fans for living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, corridor, warehouse… to ventilate, absorb odors, dehumidify, absorb heat to ensure clean and cool air circulation. It has become an indispensable equipment system in every project today.

Working principle of exhaust fan

When there is current, the switch turns on -> the motor operates, the propeller rotates, the valve opens, creating a force to attract dirt and toxic substances from the room along the duct to the environment. At the end of the pipe there is a vent cap to prevent insects from flying in

Disconnect the switch off -> the engine stops working, the propeller stops rotating, the valve closes to prevent odors and dirt in the tube from returning to the space.

Nguyên lý hoạt động của quạt thông gió
Working principle of exhaust fan

The structure and operation are so simple, but it has contributed to cleaning the air, absorbing odors and dust, ensuring you have a clean and cool space, it is necessary, the most effective solution. When air pollution, the living environment is becoming more and more serious.

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