Quotation for construction of fire protection system [Updated 1 hour ago]

P69. JSC As a consultant for construction and installation of fire protection systems with many years of experience, we understand the thoughts of customers when looking for suppliers. With our specialized sales and technical team, we can meet the most demanding working processes as well as the most demanding projects.

The whole working process is completed with the criteria of quality, progress and especially with the most optimal cost for the investor. Below we would like to send the latest updated construction quotation of fire protection system for investors to refer to their project.

Instructions on how to calculate the cost of installing a fire protection system

Each project has its own standard of floor size. In addition, depending on the needs of the customer. Installation of automatic or non-automatic systems, wall fire fighting, fire alarms, etc., the cost calculation for construction and installation of fire protection systems is also different.

Construction and installation of fire protection system
Construction and installation of fire protection system

Factors that affect installation costs are as follows:

To be able to quote the construction price of a fire protection system, first of all, the investor needs to pay attention to what parts does this system need?

Parts in the fire protection system: The fire protection system consists of 3 main parts:

  • The automatic fire alarm system center (in the form of a cabinet) includes: a control mainboard, modules, a transformer, and a battery.
  • Input device system: Detector (smoke alarm, heat alarm, gas alarm, fire alarm…), emergency switch (emergency button).
  • Output device system: Sub display panel (keyboard), alarm system bell, siren, alarm light, exit light, automatic phone dialer.

Scale of works: In general, the larger and more advanced the projects, the more requirements for fire protection design and installation are required. Requires more modern equipment. So the cost is also higher than for simple projects.

Specific requirements from customers: When starting the construction of a project, it is necessary to consult the design of a fire protection system. For the purpose of ensuring safety, stable operation. The unit needs to base on the project diagram to outline the necessary equipment. As well as giving the most reasonable quotation to customers.

The latest updated price list for construction of fire protection systems

To help customers better understand the costs of fire protection construction. Adjust the project to the most reasonable. We will provide you with the following basic quotation form.

  • WCP1 fire alarm panel: 6,650,000 VND
  • Fire alarm button FSM-001: VND 220,000
  • Fire alarm and siren: 150,000VND
  • Bell light combo box – Fire alarm button: 2,090,000 VND.
  • WSD1 wireless smoke detector: 620,000VND

This unit price is for reference only. Depends on the project and construction works of the investor. The price list will be adjusted to best suit the set budget.

Company P69 – The leading prestigious construction address for fire protection systems

On the market there are many facilities that construct fire protection systems with many different services and prices. However, it is not easy to find a place to build a reputable and quality fire protection system at a good price.

Company P69 is a reputable unit in the construction of fire protection systems designed according to customer requirements. With good quality, competitive price, we are confident to be the leading prestigious construction unit of fire protection system in the country.

P69.JSC will always bring satisfaction to its customers.

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