The Latest Powder Coated Cable Ladder Price List 2022

Powder coated cable ladders are widely used in construction works. It is designed with a trapezoidal shape that is responsible for hanging power cables along the axes required by the construction side, ensuring that the transmission line meets the requirements of electrical systems such as data systems. , control system.

P69.JSC constantly improves the technological process to increase productivity and lower product costs with the desire to bring to the market a product line of cable ladders with the same quality as imported goods, but the price is very suitable for contractors. domestic electromechanical.

Powder coated cable ladder
Powder coated cable ladder

Structure of powder coated cable ladder:

  • Cable ladder length: 1500 6000mm
  • Dimensions of cable ladder width: 100 ÷ 800 mm.
  • Cable ladder height size: 80 ÷ 200 mm.
  • Cable ladder material thickness: 1 2.5mm
  • Tolerance: Length ± 3mm, thickness ± 7%
  • Connection: Ladder connection (Skip connection)

Benefits of customers when buying powder-coated cable ladders at P69

All products provided by P69 are manufactured on the most modern and advanced production line in the world.

Products to consumers always ensure quality, design, design.

Cost competitive, especially for customers who buy in bulk, cooperate to provide products for a long time.

The latest price list of powder-coated cable ladders 2022

Most customers are often confused when each unit provides a different price list of powder-coated cable ladders. Units selling cheap cable ladders may not bring quality products. The units that offer the “heavenly” price list do not necessarily have commensurate good accessories.

Before buying, you should consult and research carefully to choose a reputable unit. Here is the exact price list of electric cable ladders from the leading, reputable cable ladder supplier in the market P69 – M&E M&E Contractor

P69 company updated the following price list of the latest 2022 painted static cable ladders

Standard length L=2500mm

Width(W) x Height(H)

Unit Unit price: VND/meter

(according to tole thickness)

PRODUCT’S NAME Tole 1.0mm Tole 1.2mm Tole 1.5mm
Electric cable ladder 50×50 Meters 50,000 won 58,000 won 80,000 won
Electric cable ladder 60×40 Meters 46,000 won 55,000 won 65,000 won
Electric cable ladder 75×50 Meters 52,000 won 60,000 won 73,000 won
Electric cable ladder 100×50 Meters 70,000 won 85,000 won 106,000 won
Electric cable ladder 100×75 Meters 90,000 won 109,000 won 135,000 won
Electric cable ladder 100×100 Meters 110,000 won 132,000 won 165,000 won
Electric cable ladder 150×50 Meters 75,000 won 90,000 won 113,000 won
Electric cable ladder 150×75 Meters 94,000 won 114,000 won 141,000 won
Electric cable ladder 150×100 Meters 120,000 won 132,000 won 145,000 won
Electric cable ladder 200×50 Meters 82,000 won 96,000 won 119,000 won
Cable ladder 200×75 Meters 104,000 won 118,000 won 148,000 won
Cable ladder 200×100 Meters 124,000 won 141,500 178,000 won
Electric cable ladder 250×50 Meters 88,000 won 101,000 won 125,000 won
Electric cable ladder 250×75 Meters 109,000 won 124,000 won 155,000 won
Electric cable ladder 250×100 Meters 128,000 won 147,000 won 183,000 won
Electric cable ladder 300×50 Meters 93,000 won 105,500 129,000 won
Electric cable ladder 300×75 Meters 114,000 won 129,000 won 158,000 won
Electric cable ladder 300×100 Meters 133,000 won 152,000 won 187,000 won
Electric cable ladder 350×50 Meters 102,300 111,000 won 135,000 won
Electric cable ladder 350×75 Meters 125,400 134,000 won 162,000 won
Electric cable ladder 350×100 Meters 146,300 157,000 won 191,000 won
Electric cable ladder 400×50 Meters 112,200 116,000 won 140,000 won
Electric cable ladder 400×100 Meters 160,000 won 162,000 won 198,000 won
Electric cable ladder 400×150 Meters 176,000 won 184,800 207,900
Electric cable ladder 500×50 Meters 123,200 130,000 won 155,000 won
Electric cable ladder 500×100 Meters 176,000 won 185,000 won 216,000 won
Electric cable ladder 500×150 Meters 193,600 205,000 won 230,000 won
Electric cable ladder 600×100 Meters 193,600 205,000 won 229,000 won
Electric cable ladder 600×150 Meters 212,300 220,000 won 240,000 won
Electric cable ladder 600×200 Meters 222,900 239,000 won 260,000 won
Electric cable ladder 800×100 Meters 212,300 235,000 won 276,000 won
Electric cable ladder 800×150 Meters 233,500 245,000 won 284,000 won
Electric cable ladder 800×200 Meters 244,200 249,000 won 290,000 won
Electric cable ladder 1000×100 Meters 233,200 260,000 won 302,000 won
Electric cable ladder 1000×150 Meters 245,000 won 275,300 320,000 won
Electric cable ladder 1000×200 Meters 260,000 won 284,000 won 360,000 won


Above is the latest reference price list of P69’s 2022 powder-coated cable ladder, materials fluctuate daily, so please contact the following information to have the sales staff send the most accurate price list of powder-coated cable ladders. .

P69 company specializes in providing cheap and quality cable ladders

Currently, cable ladders are used a lot in the process of building and installing electrical systems of works. Therefore, the demand to buy cable tray ladders is increasing, but not all customers can easily find a supplier and manufacturer of reputable, quality and reasonable cable tray ladders.

Company P69 is a reputable unit supplying and manufacturing cable ladders and cable trays according to customer requirements. High quality cable tray ladder products with reasonable prices at the factory have brought P69 Company great prestige to customers. And many of them have become our familiar partners.

P69.JSC will always bring satisfaction to its customers.

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